Don’t Work So Hard to Pay For Electricity!

Make the Sun and the Wind Work For You!

Learn how to generate your own electricity!

Be economical and ecological at the same time!

Harness the power of the wind and the sun using simple items you can buy at the hardware store to create your own energy!

Build your own simple passive solar system, wind power generator or water wheel and save thousands of dollars in power costs!

Are you ready to “get ethical” about the power you consume?

Are you ready to save thousands of dollars on heat and electricity!

Did you know that some homemade electricity systems are so efficient that the power company will pay you for the excess electricity that you create with it?

Follow the steps in Your Home Energy System and partially, if not completely end your dependence on the local power company to generate electricity as well as be an ecologically correct consumer of the world’s resources.

Dear Fellow Home Owner,

Hi my name is ___ and my home is powered entirely by alternative energy sources that I built myself for almost one tenth of what it would have cost me to hire a professional contractor.

I can help you reduce the cost of your home power bill by 80% or even get rid of it for good. In fact you can watch the electric company pay you for using your power for a change.

There is no better time than now to start creating your own electricity especially with the unstable economy and the higher costs of living in general affecting us all!

Of course you probably have considered becoming more energy efficient in general in order to cut costs but are that really enough to really make a difference when it comes to the excesses of energy consumption?

Did you even know that the technology already exists to build your own solar power system? If you don’t — don’t feel bad! Not many people do. In fact the construction and contracting businesses have been conspiring just a tad to keep this information from you or they would be out of business.

Did you know …

… you can build a great looking solar power system for as little as two hundred bucks simply buying parts found at the local hardware store?

This system can power up any appliance you have in your home including the stove, fridge, washing machine, television or lights.

Why spend well over two thousand to have a contractor to build solar panels or a wind mill to create power for your home when you can do it yourself for much less – sometimes as little as one tenth of the cost?

You read that right! You can build your own solar panels or turbine for next to nothing to what you would pay a professional contractor or “energy expert.”

Whether your goal is to reduce your power bills or eliminate pollution this eBook teaches everything you need to know about producing your own wind or solar power at home.

You will learn that it is not expensive to set up and the system can be rigged so it is suitable for any geographic location in the world.

So why should YOU build your own solar panels, hydroelectric water wheel or turbine driven wind power source?

It is because housing contractors are excruciatingly slow when it comes to making your home into a greener one. You have to book them months ahead time in most locations. Then they are really slack and slow when it comes to getting the job them. In the meantime you are paying them and squandering hundreds of dollars paying the power company for your electricity.

Furthermore independent housing contractors know that you getting a green house that runs on solar powered energy is trendy and desirable. They know they can make you wait for it to be done and that they can charge you an absolute fortune for it.

I, for one, got sick of this attitude and being at the mercy of these contractors so I figured out how to do it ALL myself, quickly, cheaply and with the help of a couple of friends.

Now I run a lucrative business installing solar panels and turbines on other people’s properties. Not only am I doing the environment a favor by doing this but I am also earning myself a nice little nest egg on the side.

In Your Home Energy System you will learn how to do everything yourself (just as I have) not only so that you can immediately start saving money but also save Mother Earth from the pollution that global energy production causes a as well.



Al Gore



Why did I write this book?

The truth is that I was inspired by watching Al Gore’s documentary – “An Inconvenient Truth.”

I realized that if I was going to reduce my carbon imprint on the earth that I had to do just a little bit more besides shut off the lights sooner or separate my garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable piles.

I had to be proactive and take immediate steps to doing what I could in the real world. Reducing my dependency on the big polluting power company was a big step I could personally take towards making a difference for the environment.

Most of us rely on oil to generate electricity with which we heat our homes, refrigerate and then cook our food and light our living rooms at night. Oil is a horrible polluting substance, yet we see it as a necessary evil. So necessary we will go to war for it.

Of course, there are alternatives to oil powered electricity generation plants, but there are not many governments of the world who are as yet completely (and justifiably) comfortable with the idea of nuclear power generation.

I am not one of those people. My conscious simply would not let me coast on that contemporary misconception that everything will be alright. That is why I felt compelled to find out how to make these simple technologies for building your own power sources available to everyone!

I have great concern for the environment and I think it is wise to have as many people as possible start generating their own energy. Starting today!

The bottom line is, every one of us knows that clean, safe, renewable and sustainable energy from the sun, the wind or from water makes so much more sense than relying on fossil fuels that are fast disappearing for our electricity.

Running your home on sun and wind power is a first practical step towards repairing the damage that other fuel sources such as wood burning and petroleum have done to the environment.

Running homes on air and wind is cooler which reduces the all over effect of global warming. No carbon particles or chemical particulates or emitted into the air to cause smog. You help prevent this world from turning into a living hell.

Every hour that goes by that is not devoted to saving power leads to a blacker more polluted earth. It is my personal ambition to make as many homes green as possible even if it is convincing people household by household about what they have to do to become solar and wind powered using my writing.

This is why I have written Your Home Energy System in easy to read English that anyone can understand. I think it is absolutely crucial that everyone should be able to add their own environmental and power saving devices to their home immediately.

I also tried to make this eBook as easy to read as possible. I know most of you out there are just plain ordinary citizens trying to do the best you can on limited budgets. You don’t have time for an education in mechanical energy production that is too complex or time consume.

This short, concise yet thoroughly informative and useful eBook was created with the absolute beginner in mind.

Basically I am your hand-holder throughout the whole construction and installation process. All you have to do is consult the pages to find the answers to your questions about alternative sources of power.

It does not matter if you are male or female or young or old. I wrote this eBook with the idea that most of us need clear non-convoluted instructions to follow.

You will be encouraged by the simplicity of what I have to tell you about how to build your own solar, wind or water powered energy source.

Many ordinary people have used these instructions to build their own power generators even if they knew nothing about renewable energy or construction before using the advice in Your Home Energy System.

Every Time the Sun Shines and The Wind Blows You Can Create Energy!

Acquiring systems like turbines and solar panels usually cost thousands but the simple set up system that I write about in this eBook allows you to do it at one tenth of the price (or less.)

Still not convinced that you need to do the ecologically correct thing and start being responsible for the power that you consume by creating it yourself?

Why Create Your Own Power at Home?

Here are just a couple of the reasons you should follow the advice in Your Home Energy -

You will save hundreds of dollars on your power bill

It is absurdly simple to do if you follow the illustrations and instructions in this book.

This is a good project to do with a child because it helps raise his or her consciousness about saving energy and helping the environment.

Future generations will thank you for taking care of the environment!

If you can make renewable power for less money then why shouldn’t you. In fact, it’s almost a crime not to use this knowledge to save money!

You can parlay this into an amazing part time business where you install solar panels and wind turbines on your neighbor’s property.

In fact, y our can actually watch the needle on your meter reverse from red and into black as the electric company starts buying power from you. Many people actually see a credit on their power bill every month!

When I first saw that my electric company was actually paying me for my power I was so gratified. I thought to myself – “Now that’s a switch!” (no pun intended!)

So where do you begin?

When it comes to taking that first step towards reducing your dependency on the electric or oil companies probably the easiest and most effective thing to do is install your own solar power system, starting with a way to heat your hot water for next to nothing!

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Solar Power System?

You can build a very attractive solar power system on the cheap simply by using parts from your local hardware store.

This electrical system works to power up any appliance you have in your home including lights, computer, television, washing machine – you name it.

Having a solar power system can allow you to say goodbye to bills from your power company forever if you take ALL of the suggestions in Your Home Energy System seriously.

Or you can stay connected and be paid by the electric company when you watch that meter actually runs backwards with the needle running into the black! This means that the electric company is actually paying YOU for your electricity and that you can expect to see a big discount on your electricity.

In Your Home Energy System I teach you everything you need to know about Solar energy including -

Everything you need to know about the harnessing of the heat of the sun to generate electricity

Why solar energy is the first type of energy you should look at installing when you start converting your home to self powered sources

What happens to your power if you live in an area that is very cloudy and is it worth it to install solar panels in a climate that is quite rainy

Statistics about wind power and solar power and how it can help conserve energy globally

All about the two principle ways you can use homemade technology to harness the power of the sun

All about the history of flat panel solar heat collectors and how they have been used to collect heat from the sun to keep water warm in tanks

The concept behind the success of the solar water heater and where you should have one mounted in order to provide optimum amounts of hot water for your home

All about how solar panels can be used to heat swimming pools

How coal or wood burning stoves can be used to augment solar heating systems

Where to find cheaper or used water storage tanks online that are simple to install

Why you need to specifically use a batch heater system if you want to optimize the heater’s ability to heat your home’s water

How to insulate your hot water tank so that the solar heated water inside it stays warm

How to build a holding box for your hot water tank

How to decide how big your water tank should be to heat the water in your home

How to calculate how big the heating area of your tank should be to keep your hot water hot at all times

What to do if you have water pipes that freeze in the winter and how to take measures to avoid having this affect your supply of hot water

How to install a FULL solar power system that goes beyond just heating the water in your hot water tank

An explanation of how photoelectric or photovoltaic cells can work as semiconductors to create direct current electricity

How to calculate how many solar panels you would need to create a full scale system to power your entire home

How to calculate how much electricity your home uses simply by using this special method to analyze your electricity bills

Where you can find online calculates to ascertain approximately how many solar panels you are going to need to generate enough electricity to replace the kilowatts flowing into your home from the power company

How to comprehend the difference between single and alternating current devices and build a solar inverter device so you can use the energy generated by your solar panels to drive power to your television, refrigerator and stereo

How to shop for and make sensible solar panel choices

How to use Google maps to find local companies in your area that might be selling high quality solar panels

Why buying used solar panels might be a bad idea especially if you want the outside of your house to look uniform

A unique list of good web sites that sell used fuel cells and solar panels

… and everything else you need to know about generating your own power so you can get rid of those electricity bills once and for all!

Many people also augment their solar energy with some other kind of system such as wind powered turbines.

Do You Want to Learn How to Build Your Own Wind Power System

Wind power is a great backup if your solar panels drain because of cloudy days.

Just imagine! Just by using few cheap items from your hardware store and a couple of hours of construction can give you all the green energy you need from your own windmill.

The instructions for building this energy producing windmill are very simple and anyone can build it using materials that are cheap and available.

In Your Home Energy System I teach you everything you need to know about using wind power including -

How to tell if you have enough wind in your area to actually power up a turbine

What countries are making viable use of turbines to get a significant percentage of their electricity from the wind

How to compare the cost of installing a wind generation system to what you already pay so you can determine if you really will save money on electricity

How the size of your property and where you place the windmill can directly be linked to the size of rotor or sail you will need to catch enough wind to generate any electricity for you to use

How to use a map from the Energy Information Administration to figure out how much you already pay for electricity from the main grid and whether or not wind power will be cheaper for you to install

How to decide whether or not you should build your own turbine or buy one that is ready-made

How to find out who the best dealers are for selling both ready made turbines and do-it-yourself kits

What you can expect to pay for a wind turbine that is ready made and a comparison with the cost of building your own

Where to source cheap used parts both online and off to build your own wind turbine

Where to find videos that can help you learn how to build or erect a wind turbine system that is put together from used or “off the shelf” parts

How to use mill wheels to generate electricity and also a mechanical source of power for your home

How to determine if your home is right for building a miniature hydroelectric system

What the perfect type of water wheel is for creating home electricity

Where you can buy a readymade water wheel online

… And all kinds of other facts about harnessing water power and other methods to generate home grown electricity.

Not only will you easily be able to construct this on your own it will look like a professional built it. This really is your guide to making a high quality turbine and in fact you could probably sell these energy saving units for quite a handsome profit!

You are also going to learn -

How to assess your property to see if it is right for constructing a windmill or solar panels

How to utilize solar and wind power and know the principles of how these two energy sources can supply power to your home

What the difference is between an active and a passive alternative energy system

How to construct a simple windmill and harness its energy to back up your solar power

How to reduce your oil dependence when it comes to energy for your home

How to assess your home to see if you are eligible to harness the tidal power of the sea or a rushing river to power your electricity

How to apply for tax credits from the U.S. Federal government for building your own solar energy system, win generator or fuel cells

How to find the motivation to put your plan to conserve energy into action instead of constantly thinking “I should get around to installing those solar panels one day!”

How to understand the limitations of these alternative forms of electricity

What to expect in terms of interruptions when it comes to self generated power

How to train your family to use your self-generated electricity so that it is not limited and you never run out

The little things you can do that can help conserve electricity such as switch offing certain energy sucking appliances that you may leave plugged in all of the time

Why it is a good idea to turn off your electric water heater every now and then

How to save power when using your washing machine

How to manage colder winters and how often you should use a space heater (a notorious energy leech)

How freezing your meals can help you conserve energy

How to conserve your solar or wind power in a deep cycle battery (which is similar to the type of battery found in golf buggies or forklifts)

Where you can buy deep cycle batteries for storing your home made generated power online

How to fit a meter that spins backwards to help you keep track of the kilowatt hours that you will not have to pay the electric company any more

How to install a breaker system for your energy system to make sure you have uninterrupted power twenty four hours a day and seven days a week!

How to keep your solar or wind system in tip top shape so that it always works efficiently for you to save money

…and much, much more about how to make alternative energy sources work for you and your lifestyle!

How much money can you save?

Solar and wind power systems can cost two grand or more.

Obviously if you build a solar system you get the same results at one tenth of the price!

Another benefit to installing a solar energy generator plus panels is that it will increase the value of your home by thousands.

This is one of the best guides available online. It has been tested by real people and I know that every single project and suggestion in it absolutely works to provide power to your property and home.

It’s time to get in the know like thousands of other satisfied Your Home Energy System readers!


It is my sincere hope that you get as enthusiastic about getting involved in a practical way in the green energy movement as I am.

Once you start implementing these basic changes you will be so proud of yourself. Just knowing that you are doing something to help global warming and its victims such as the polar bears up north and the fish in the sea is empowering and builds your own self esteem.

It is exciting, saves you money and your children will thank you. Remember if we all do our part to cut our carbon imprint, those tinier efforts can accumulate in one major effort by all that could actually cause a climatic shift and positive changes in our environment.

Are You Ready to Explore Alternative Energy Solutions?

This is a big chance for you to be a leader in your community and spread the gospel of the naturally powered approach to living life.

In our experience the first thing that happens when you start describing this system to your friends is that you will get a lot of negative feedback. A lot of people distrust do-it-yourself schemes as fly by night. They have been brainwashed to think that the electricity produced by big companies is superior.

Be prepared to hear every reason in the world why a home can’t run on sun, wind or water power, why this system is a scam and why the experts don’t recommend it.

I want to stress that nobody has researched this subject as thoroughly as I have. Never mind compile how to transform your home into an eco-powered gem using step by step illustrations and links to places to buy all of your tools and equipment online.

Not only can you use the technology to teach people how to save money but you may even give people who are poorer the means to start being able to afford other things that they badly need in their life during this recession because they are not paying electric companies or oil companies so much money for power.

I have complete faith that these alternative power generators CAN save the environment!

Instead of crying over spilt milk it is time to do something about the mess we have made of this world with our power hungry ways.

Converting your home to a sun, wind or water fueled home is the very first practical, helpful and very real step you can take towards repairing the damage that emissions caused by power plants have already done to the environment.

You can set a good example by showing others how you personally manage to reduce your own demand for toxic and polluting energy sources. If everybody did there would be less demand for foreign oil and large drilling rigs and factories that pollute our lands and seas.

Of course I completely understand that some people are not at all handy with tools or that they simply don’t have the time to put together this system themselves.

If this describes you then you need to -

  • 1.Order the ebooks and find out what needs to be done.
  • 2.Make the decision of whether or not you want to build and install any of the systems yourself or if you want others to make it and install it for you.
  • 3.Show it to somebody who may be able to install it for you. If the person cares about the environment we guarantee that he or she will be very interested in putting any of this mechanical technology together for you…

So go ahead and buy the book. Read it and if you decide not to go ahead with any of the ideas in it you can always return it. With my blessing and no questions asked!

Everything you are told in this book is a fact, and not a theory. The facts are not obvious and you can test the results yourself. If it does not work out you will get 100% of your money back.


“Want to Learn How to Make the Sun and the Wind Work For You to Save You Thousands of Dollars On Your Heat and Electricity!?”

Would you like to get your hands on a free chapter that can tell you everything you need to know about how to begin harnessing the power of the wind and the sun using simple items you can buy at the hardware store to create your own energy today?

Your Home Energy System will explain everything there is to know about:

Why you should be using alternative energy sources from today!

How you can get tax credits and even make money using your own power generation equipment!

The differences of Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydro Electricity and Tidal Power and exactly which is best for you!

Exactly what you need to get started saving money and generating your own home energy today!
You’ll learn exactly what you should be doing in simple language. This is one free report that you will feel guilty not paying for.

This free report will teach you what you need to know today. To access it, all you need to do is sign up with the form below.

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